“It takes a village to raise a child” is often quoted but it sometimes takes a village to see one out of this life, too.  My mother managed at home with the help of friends, family and caregivers for ten years after my father passed away.  At the age of 90, it became clear that assisted living and/or nursing home care was to be considered.  That is when we sought the help of Daniel Munster for direction to manage what assets remained and navigate the Medicaid application and approval which is ever changing.  Mr. Munster is extremely knowledgeable in the matters of Elder Law and provided us with great guidance during this transition.

Anne – Cobb County, Georgia (2013)

The thought of putting a parent into a nursing home while ensuring the remaining parent is financially stable, without a doubt, is the most emotional, confusing, cumbersome, and overwhelming task children will face in their lifetime. After months of attempting to do this on my own, and being at my breaking point, I was fortunate enough to find Dan. Dan was very sympathetic to the situation, handled my mother’s concerns with compassion, and provided me with very detailed, professionally prepared directions enabling me to utilize his checklist & advice and completed the task in a short period of time. He completely understood our objectives and ensured that each and every one was accomplished, so that both parents were legally protected and provided for.  I truly believe I could not have accomplished this had it not been for Dan and I would recommend his services to anyone needing to assist their parents in finalizing long term plans for elder care.

Darlys, Gwinnett County (2013)

Dan is a true subject matter expert who helps make an often bewildering set of laws, rules and regulations clear and understandable. He is a great listener, empathetic, and most importantly he has an unrivaled track record of successfully obtaining desired results.  As an experienced attorney myself, I can tell you that you do not want to explore eldercare issues without the assistance of an expert like Dan.  He will help you take the right steps and avoid the numerous pitfalls that might trip you up if proceeding alone. Taking care of a loved one who needs medical or financial help is difficult and painful for most of us. Securing Dan’s assistance with the legal and financial details allowed our family to focus on personal and emotional aspects that would otherwise have been neglected.  I am glad that we hired an eldercare attorney with a track record of excellence instead of a lesser experienced attorney who was still cutting teeth. There is a reason Dan has all of those great ratings and awards. He has earned them. And he proves it on every case, every day.

Gary, Fulton County (2013)

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Daniel Munster twice over the course of the last 15 years. The first instance was when we applied for Medicaid in Bryan County for my father and the second was for my mother again in Bryan County. In both instances he proved himself, courteous, empathetic, professional and very aggressive in helping my family with the process. He saved us many thousands of dollars. Above all he made us feel safe; that our best interests were always uppermost in his mind. My family and I would recommend him highly.

Claire – Bryan County, Georgia (2003) (2014)

We engaged Mr. Munster and his firm to assist my mother with the Medicaid application process. I can honestly say that we would not have achieved a successful outcome without his guidance. Dan was extremely effective in assisting our family through the maze of complex governmental rules and regulations.  He was highly professional and exhibited compassion during what was a truly difficult and emotional time for our family. My family and I will always be very appreciative of his legal guidance and support. Without question, we would highly recommend Dan and his Elder Law Practice.

Bob – Cobb County, Georgia (2014)

I was referred to Dan Munster when I placed my Mother in a nursing home 2 years ago. I knew that she could afford to live at the home for only 3 months or so and that qualifying her for Medicaid was very important. Dan patiently and thoroughly explained the very complicated journey involved in qualifying for Medicaid. After a lengthy initial meeting, Dan communicated with me regularly and carefully directed me thru the process of applying for Medicaid.  I found Dan Munster to be very skilled and extremely competent at what he does. I just could never figure out how he could have more than one client at a time. He spent so much time working with me that I could not understand how he had time for anyone else, but he did.  He was always patient and understanding and his knowledge of the Medicaid application process greatly impressed me.  Dan is very serious and intense in his work because he knows that any error in an application could be the reason that a client might be denied Medicaid benefits. Thanks to Dan’s help, my Mother qualified for Medicaid and I can rest easy now.

Chris, Rockdale County (2014)

From the first day that I met with Dan Munster I felt confident that the Medicaid application for my mother was going to be handled professionally, competently, and with compassion. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. He is an excellent attorney, but an even better human being. He provided an excellent and a total understanding of the case and an overview of the subsequent legal procedures to follow.

Les, Cobb County (2014)

I have known Attorney Dan Munster for about three years .He is highly qualified in the field of Elder Care. I was introduced to him when we were looking for help in arranging financing and insuring my mother was properly taken care of as she entered an extended care facility.  During our first meeting and throughout the process I found Dan to be very compassionate, insuring that the plan he developed was the best for the elder family member. He was very competent in developing a plan and extremely patient when explaining the process to the family. We set a timeline for each step of the plan. Dan was very diligent in meeting all the targeted dates and insuring I had all the required information to him on a timely basis. Dan was successful in obtaining the financial aid for my family member just as he had explained in our first meeting. If you are a family member that is caring for an elderly parent and need an attorney who is compassionate, patient competent, and diligent Dan Munster is your man.

Fred, Effingham County (2014)

My mother, who lived in DeKalb County, was unexpectedly admitted to a hospital and then to a nursing home.  Daniel Munster was recommended to me by two people who had used his services in the past.  They each spoke very highly of him.  Their experiences were excellent, as was mine.  I found Mr. Munster to be extremely knowledgeable.  His attention to detail gave me confidence in his handling of my mother’s case.  He responded to all of my questions with clarity and assurance.  His guidance gave our family strength during our mother’s time of need.  I have recommended, without hesitation, the services of Mr. Daniel Munster to others and will continue to do so.

Doris, Dekalb County (2014)

Dan Munster takes his craft very seriously.  His talent for ensuring that the needs of his clients are met with the utmost care, competency, and diligence is exceptional, and he utilizes every bit of his expertise in the process. Dan met me where I was – stressed out, exhausted and worried for the future of my Dad.  He reassured me all along the way that as long as I was able to do the things he asked of me, the Medicaid process would be expertly handled, and it was.  Without fail.  I stand behind Dan and the work he does as an exceptional Eldercare Attorney, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.  Knowledge is power, and Dan possesses both in his field.

Carmen, Cobb County (2014)

When our mom had a stroke, it was an overwhelming time for our family. We were referred to Daniel Munster by a financial planner and were so grateful. He poured through all the mounds of my mother’s paperwork and poor record keeping and patiently walked us through the estate planning process. He is organized, efficient and extremely helpful. I would recommend him to anyone.

Kristin, Cobb County (2014)

We met Dan Munster when we had nowhere else to turn regarding our financial future.  My husband Kenn and I have been married 46 years.  He is the love of my life.  We had both worked our entire adult lives (Kenn even in his early teens), raised two beautiful daughters and were able to pay our bills, taxes, and even put some back for emergencies.  We both retired with good pensions, paid off the house we lived in and were debt free. In 2006 Kenn was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s.  For the next seven years he was at home, and I was taking care of him.  Although his progression with the disease was slow, it was steady.  In 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and unable to care for my husband at home, persuaded him (with the help of our daughters) to go into a nursing facility until I could recover.  He agreed because at that time he knew how ill I was with the chemo followed by several surgeries.  A few days after my last surgery Kenn developed pneumonia and was hospitalized for several weeks.  Afterwards, he became combative, did not know who he was, who we were or where he was.  Because he was so combative, we were forced to put him into a nursing facility permanently as it took at least two people to manage him.  His condition has deteriorated since then to the point that he is now bedridden and incoherent. The nursing home costs were exorbitant along with my own medical and daily expenses.  These expenses far exceeded what our retirement income would cover.  More and more I began pulling funds from our savings account just to stay on top of all the bills.  It soon became obvious that the money would eventually run out.  This is when we met Dan. By chance we were advised to consult an elder law attorney and Dan was recommended.  With Dan’s help, we were able to obtain Medicaid for my husband and he is living comfortably in a nursing facility in Hancock County.  I no longer have to worry about paying Kenn’s nursing home costs as his retirement is adequate to cover his medical expenses.  He is well taken care of, and I am very grateful for this.  I am able to live off of my pension without fear of losing my home or going into debt. Dan’s expertise and guidance have been invaluable.  Without his assistance, I would have never been able to navigate the Medicaid maze.  He has always been willing to listen to my concerns, advise me on what needs to be done and calm my fears about the next steps to be taken.  He is supportive, compassionate and I would not hesitate to use him again should the need arise.  Those of us who have been his clients are very lucky that he has touched our lives and given us hope when we thought all was lost.  I can never thank him enough!

Donna, Hancock County (2015)

Back in January 2015, I was faced with the difficult decision of having to put my husband of 55+ years, in an Alzheimer’s unit.  I didn’t know where to start, until some friends recommended me to Mr. Daniel Munster.  I live four hours away from his location, so my oldest daughter and myself made the drive to speak with him about my situation.  We met with him for about five hours, taking notes, writing down things that would need to be done, and asking questions that we had.  After that, we responded by telephone and email and I never had to make another trip!  Needless to say, hiring Mr. Munster to progress with my case was the best choice I made!  Mr. Munster did his job in a very excellent professional and friendly manner.  You can tell he loves the Elder Law from his knowledge and the compassion he shows the families going through difficult times like mine. If I had any questions, he was always patient to answer them or direct me in the direction I needed to go.  With that being said, my husband is now in 24-hour care.  His assistant, Pennie, is also an asset to his practice.  She also is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable and goes beyond means to make sure your case is handle with the upmost dedication and perfection!  With that being said, I highly recommend Mr. Munster if you are in need of an eldercare attorney.  Thanks to Mr. Munster and staff for caring!

Velma, Effingham County (2015)

Dan Munster provided invaluable legal assistance as we prepared to transition my mother into a nursing home. He attended to every detail of her Medicaid application as he patiently guided us through the most advantageous way to attend to the family’s finances. He did not rest until every detail was accounted for, the application approved, and every number correct. We are very grateful for his compassionate legal counsel during an emotionally difficult family transition.

Darryl, Dekalb County (2016)

Mr. Munster is outstanding! He’s remarkable! A man with integrity. I am ever thankful him being referred to us to help with our Mother business. He helped us get her in a position to get qualified for Medicaid. We didn’t realize what all was involved to get assistance from Medicaid, which could have been truly overwhelming, but he took us step by step to make sure we understood what was the process. He stuck with us to the very end. He didn’t leave us with doubts. He is very knowledgeable in his field and you learn from him.

Gwen, Fulton County (2016)

We are so thankful for the recommendation of attorney Dan Munster. The sale of my mom’s home with Medicaid was a complex and tedious process. Dan provided us with a detailed outline followed by detailed instruction. He explained how important each task is to be completed to perfection and was there to guide us along the way. Dan Munster’s professional expertise and knowledge of Medicaid provided us with a successful outcome. I have learned from a past experience how important it is to find the very best and most knowledgeable professional in elder care law. Mr. Dan Munster is that attorney. His assistant, Pennie, is a professional asset to his office. Her knowledge also provided security of confidence. Thank you again for all your hard work. I would highly recommend “The Elder Law Practice of Daniel D. Munster”.

Pat, Cobb County (2016)

Our family began our journey three years ago when our father had to be placed in a nursing care facility due to his advanced dementia. Our mom had just passed a few months before and we were overwhelmed with the task ahead.  Naturally the finances went quickly paying for full time nursing care and we needed help to continue our father’s critical care.  Our lawyer recommended we seek expert legal counsel in seeking Medicaid and Medicare support.  After speaking with several other lawyer acquaintances it was unanimous that we should retain the services of Daniel Munster due to his impeccable reputation.  After meeting Mr. Munster we understood why he was so highly recommended.  He was kind, understanding, supportive, and yet very professional and knowledgeable in explaining the process and what would be required of us.  He was continually available throughout the process and enabled us to complete a process that was so overwhelming.  We would have been lost without his assistance and wealth of knowledge.  We are so grateful for his abilities and skills but also for his kind heart and patience.  He was exactly who we needed along this difficult journey and recommend him without any hesitation to families who are going through similar situations.  He is well respected among peers, the community, and the agencies we had to work with because he is the very best at what he does.  We needed him and he was there for us in every way.

Stan, Cobb County (2016)

My name is Annie and this is my Testimony.  I would like to encourage anyone who would like to apply for a QIT (Qualified Income Trust) to, by all means, consider Attorney Daniel Denzer Munster. He has numerous awards and credentials that qualifies him to be honored top of his profession.  Also, I am sharing a portion of my experiences why I recommend this most powerful attorney. I am Power of Attorney and Caregiver for my 87-year-old Brother. His medical condition forced him to be admitted into a Nursing Home June 2016.  So, I decided he should file for Medicaid assistance without forfeiting all of his income.  Therefore, with Legal advice regarding filing for a Qualified Income Trust, I chose Attorney Daniel D. Munster out of four top Attorneys to file for the QIT.  My being a senior, that was the best decision I could have made.  Attorney Munster, patiently, walked me through the complicated QIT maze.   I have pages of instructions that he took the time to type (explained in details) and e-mailed to me. There were times when problems arose regarding my Brother’s care or other concerns, Attorney Munster would freely, refer me to agencies or individuals that could help.  The most challenging test was when Attorney Munster was at the end of the QIT Application for Medicaid, the Nursing Home reported a major financial error that forced the application to be withdrawn. Nevertheless, Attorney performed all of the Legal Process of another Medicaid Application without additional legal pay! He completed it and it was approved within record time.  Praise God!  Attorney Munster never hesitated to answer questions or repeat a process of the QIT that I may have requested. I believe because of my age, he always encouraged me for “doing a great job”!   I commend Attorney Munster for going beyond the call of duty to accomplish positive results.  I thank God for leading me to this most powerful and caring Attorney. I have every confidence, if anyone wants to get the job done, remember Attorney Daniel Denzer Munster! Thank you.

Annie, Fulton County (2016)

Our mother who is now 93 years old had reached the point where around the clock care was needed and the financial burden going forward was impossible. Dan Munster came highly recommended and we worked with him for several months through the detailed and complex process to get our mother qualified for Medicaid coverage in Georgia. I don’t think we could have successfully navigated the system without his help. He was always responsive and professional. We would strongly recommend him to any family dealing with these issues.

Rich, Cobb County (2016)

We came to Dan for help when we needed to file for Medicaid for my mother who was 95 years old. We could not have gone through this process without the benefit of his experience and expertise. His guidance was invaluable and we would recommend him to anyone who is dealing with an elderly parent.

Greg, Cobb County (2016)

I think the important things to consider when engaging a professional are: 1) Expertise in the subject matter 2) Responsiveness 3) Understanding of fees and no surprises 4) Compassion for the situation their client is in. Dan Munster was highly recommended to our family to complete the Medicaid process for my 93 year old mother. He exceeded our very high expectations and is certainly a true professional whom we would recommend without hesitation.

Mark, Fulton County (2017)

Our account was so complicated that neither Dan nor the nursing home had ever dealt with an account like ours. It wasn’t easy for any of us but Dan kept plowing through the maze of paper and helping us understand why things had to be a certain way. Even with the complications, Dan overcame everything and managed to get us approved the first time. Thank you Dan. Zander family.

Gwen, Fulton County (2017)

Our Medicaid case was so complicated, when I started calling attorneys for assistance, some passed, and others said it would take over a year and another said it was unlikely it could be done. Fortunately, two professionals in the Eldercare industry recommended Dan Munster. Dan was extremely honest about the considerable challenges our case posed. At the risk of possibly tainting his immaculate record, Mr. Munster took on our case. Having one parent in need of Medicaid benefits and the other not is already challenging. However, to add insult to injury, in order cover my fathers’ Assisted Living expenses and healthcare costs, he needed to keep his VA benefits and preserve all possible assets. With our unique and difficult situation, Dan had to negotiate not only the policies of DFCS but the VA. Without Dan’s diligence, attention to detail, professionalism and compassion, I’m confident we would not have been successful. His pages of detailed notes and instructions were invaluable. I am grateful Dan Munster was recommended to us and highly recommend him to anyone in need of Eldercare assistance.

Janet, Dekalb County (2017)

Dan worked with our family on two separate occasions related to my wife’s parents. Each time Dan carefully detailed the process and outlined each step that must be taken for a successful outcome. Having Dan support this process took an enormous amount of stress off my wife! He was also very patient with the many, many questions he was asked to answer, sometimes multiple times. We highly recommend Dan for anything related to older adult legal issues.

Lee Callaway, Dekalb County (2017)

Being a caregiver for my wife the past several years, in early 2017 I realized that I was now going to need assistance caring for her, and In doing so the assistance of an Elder Care Attorney. Elder Care Attorney Daniel D Munster provided me with the assistance I required. He guided me thoroughly and precisely through all the issues that needed to be addressed to a very complete and successful conclusion without any question. I applaud his experience, thorough knowledge of Elder Care Issues and those who can provide assistance. I would without hesitation recommend him to anyone in need of an Elder Care Attorney.

Stan, Gwinnett County (2017)

My mother moved from Kansas City MO. to the Atlanta area. She had several falls in the assisted living home she was in and we needed to transition her to a nursing home. Dan was recommended to us by a couple of nurses at the hospital. We needed to get her finances in order and to try and get her qualified for Georgia medicaid. Dan worked with myself and my two sisters to get both projects completed. It was a complicated process that took over a year but it was done in a great fashion. My sisters and I are very happy with the work that Dan did with us and for our mother

Chip, Cobb County (2017)

Mr. Munster was referred to me by a friend which I had confidence with their recommendation and opinion. At our initial appointment, I knew from the beginning because of recommendation and mainly his professional manner, there was no question that I needed him to assist me through my undertaking.  He has an outstanding reputation in the legal profession and as an individual.  I learned a lot of important facts from him regarding Medicaid that I did not know regarding the process.  Mr. Munster was very explicit to details all the way through the process and certainly very patient with me.  He was always very trustworthy and I valued his knowledge and kindness.  I would certainly refer him to others without hesitation and I was glad to have him beside me.

Virginia, Fulton County (2018)

Dan and Carmen were so efficient and professional in helping with my Parent’s needs regarding qualifications for Medicaid. They both went the extra mile and helped my Mother when my Father died unexpectedly. I give this practice the highest recommendation and would encourage anyone who is seeking an elder attorney to contact them.

Dedra, Dekalb County (2018)

Dan assisted me with some of my aunt affairs which I am Power of Attorney. He was very professional, educated and very detailed. He was able to complete transactions that others said was not possible. He has the knowledge to get things resolved.

Vincen, Fulton County (2018)

I honestly cannot say enough about Dan – he got me through a challenging and overwhelming process for my Mom that would have been a total impossibility without his kind guidance and patience! His knowledge and professionalism are unequaled, and it was truly an honor and privilege working with him the past 12 months. He is the best!

Sherry, Cobb County (2018)

Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working with the elder care practice of Dan Munster. Dan and his colleague, Carmen Ford, were unbelievably supportive during a difficult time. Dan’s deep expertise, innovative thinking, patience, and extraordinary compassion helped me and my brothers navigate through the challenge of getting care for my mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Dan found a successful path forward through our complicated situation that few others would have found. I am grateful to Dan for sorting out the Medicaid tangle so that I can enjoy what time I have left with my mother without distractions. I whole-heartedly recommend Dan for anyone facing similar challenges

Cathy, Carroll County (2018)

Please take the time to read all the testimonials. They are true stories about a truly remarkable law practice. If you think you can solve your eldercare problem alone, please reconsider. Dan Munster is all the things his clients have shared about him and more. He helped my sister and I weave our way through a complex case involving our Mother. “Helped” is an understatement. He saved us from what would have been a disaster had we tried to handle things by ourselves. He knows the law and the latest regulations in great detail. He provides a step-by-step process and constant guidance throughout. He is dedicated to his clients, pays attention to detail, has a great work ethic and has impeccable integrity. He is without doubt one of the most competent and caring people I have ever worked with.

Russ, Cobb County (2018)

I would like to say how much I appreciated Dan Munster and his assistant Carmen, as they helped me acquire all needed information and paperwork for Dan to get my husband approved for Medicaid. He had already entered a nursing home and we had depleted all funds, it was extremely important to obtain medicaid approval. Dan was so kind and assisted me and my daughters with the application. Not only was he more than knowledgeable of the process but he did with such care and compassion. He also, kindly advised me on other personal issues. I highly recommend him!

Diane, Dekalb County (2018)

As everyone has said, Dan Munster and Carmen Ford were nothing but personable, knowledgeable and kind in their help for my father with getting him approved for Medicaid. His help was something I could not have done without. I could have spent months and hours doing what he helped me do, and they probably saved me many mistakes in the doing of it. I recommend his firm for anyone needing help navigating the maze associated with Medicaid. Worth every dime of money I spent!

Marsha, Cobb County (2018)

Our family went to Mr. Munster with an extremely complex case. He helped me to see past my emotional pain with the objectivity I needed to get my parents the help they required. If it hadn’t been for his expertise, I wouldn’t have had the knowledge necessary to get my dad qualified for Medicaid so he could get the 24/7 skilled nursing care he needed nor to have the financial resources necessary for my mom’s care. Even though I was a basket case, Dan and Carmen were there to keep me on track. Thank you both so much for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you both.

Faith, Tift County (2018)

Dan is a consummate professional and has done a fabulous service for me. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking an elder law attorney and have no hesitancy in recommending to anyone, most especially my own clients.

Alan, Fulton County (2018)

Dan Munster and his assistant Carmen were invaluable in getting my aunt, whom I am responsible for, approved for Medicaid when her funds ran out. I would never have been able to figure out all the nuances of qualification/disqualification if not for him. He is professional yet caring. His love for his work is very evident. He cheered me on when I got bogged down in the details over the many months and provided great information organization tools. He is worth every bit of his fees. He actually got approval with the first call he made. I would highly recommend hiring him if you are embarking on the Medicaid trail.

Maureen, Haralson County (2019)


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